Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Desserts

This song is THE song.Whenever I hear this I have got to get up and dance.It was in the motion picture School Daze,and it will always be the jam!! Listen to this and tell me you don't wanna dance.

Did you listen to todays song? Are you dancing? I know you are.Anyway todays post will be dedicated to some fall desserts I think really help ring in the season.

The first one is my grandfathers sweet potato pie
Tho he was never a big fan of the lattice,this is his recipe.It's a family secret if I tell you the CIA will be at ur door the very second u finish reading this,and they want blood.LOL no really I don't have it written down.

The second one is something I recently discovered banana bread pudding, just screams fall to me.Its really a comfort dessert,easy to make and it can be served hot or cold.

The following are pics of what I consider fall desserts,that make me salivate!

Apple Harvest Blondie

Apple dumpling Dessert

I really wanna dig into this cranberry pear tarte!

Double crust apple pie, I love crust!

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