Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Desserts

This song is THE song.Whenever I hear this I have got to get up and dance.It was in the motion picture School Daze,and it will always be the jam!! Listen to this and tell me you don't wanna dance.

Did you listen to todays song? Are you dancing? I know you are.Anyway todays post will be dedicated to some fall desserts I think really help ring in the season.

The first one is my grandfathers sweet potato pie
Tho he was never a big fan of the lattice,this is his recipe.It's a family secret if I tell you the CIA will be at ur door the very second u finish reading this,and they want blood.LOL no really I don't have it written down.

The second one is something I recently discovered banana bread pudding, just screams fall to me.Its really a comfort dessert,easy to make and it can be served hot or cold.

The following are pics of what I consider fall desserts,that make me salivate!

Apple Harvest Blondie

Apple dumpling Dessert

I really wanna dig into this cranberry pear tarte!

Double crust apple pie, I love crust!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fried Eggplant

I am a huge Queen Latifah fan,I even saw her live once,twas awesome!! I consider her someone whom has really aged appropriately with the changing times.I know Where I've Been is a song she sang for the Hairspray soundtrack.I absolutely love this song,and she really saaangs it.

So as you know I haven't quite found a job yet,so a few days as ago as I was sitting here scouring for jobs and watching Ghost Whisperer,I thought "I'm in the mood to do something fun". I had half an eggplant in my fridge so I decided to do something with it before it went bad.Soooo I fried it! Yeppo, if you can fry zucchini why not eggplant?? Guess what yall,it was actually good.I was afraid at first but it really is pretty tasty.Here's what you'll need:
This is half of an eggplant just cut up like fries.

1.After your eggplant has been cut you pour about about 2.5 c's canola oil in a deep pot and turn on med.(Yes I forgot to include canola oil in the pic)

2.Then  assemble your stations,a bowl with 1.5 c's milk and a plate with 1c flour,1c cornmeal,2 tblspns salt & cumin,stir together very well.

3.First dip the eggplant in the milk then coat in well in the flour mixture.Only fry 4 peices at a time,the eggplant will only need to fry for about 4 mins,till crispy!
I thought about making a sauce for them but I didn't.I just dipped them in hot sauce.I think this would be a cooool appetizer...maybe served w/a cheese sauce,whaddya think?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Easy Blueberry muffins

Well todays song is current for a change.LOL,I"ve really fallin in love with Adele's song SOmeone like you . It's amazing and it really shows her vocal ability...and those lyrics,well haven't we all been there,oh you haven' will.

I know I've been away for a while and yall have missed me.I spend most of my days now applying for jobs and allll that exciting jazz,so please keep hope alive for me! I didn't do too much posting last week because I was at MSU's homecoming! Twas a blast,saw a few friends had a few dranks and partied like a rockstar!! On to more important things...last week I made the most moist & delcious muffins I've ever made,and it was easy.I got the recipe from allrecipes and I just added a few things.Here's what you'll need:(sorry the pics are blurry the camera was on the wrong setting)

I didn't actually use all those blueberries,I used about a 4th of a cup.

Here is the recipe I made a few additions as usual:
After the flour & egg mix has been mixed together,add in 1 cup blueberry yogurt.
For the crumb topping I added about 2 tblspns pumpkin spice.I must have made to much because I had enough to put on after they came out the oven.

Here is the blurry proof:
I had a hard time really getting the crumble on the muffin like I wanted.The crumble was to big as you can see,but there really yummy...they would be nice for a ladies brunch!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spicy chicken in a crockpot

Today's song is brought to you my the 2nd best 
R&B group in the world.Boyz II Men was is the epitome of talent and excellence,I just wish that we had more groups like them...but we don't.In any event they will always BOMB in my book and no other group will ever come close to taking their place.These guys could sing accapella and not a note out of tune,I really could go on but I won't.Here are my 2 favoriteBoyz II Men songs:
Please dont go away from me
Uhh Ahh

Now this was an experimental recipe.My sister recently spent some time in Boston and along with sending me the white cheddar I requested she sent me this:

This sat in my fridge for about 2 wks because I couldn't decide what to do with it and I DO NOT  want chipotle infused syrup on my french toast!I finally decided to cook it with some chicken,and other spices heres what you need:

2 chicken breast,cut into 4ths
1/2 c of red & white onion
10 oz tomato sauce (no sodium)
5 oz chipotle infused syrup(the whole bottle)
3 tblspns salt
2 tble spns crushed red pepper
1 tblespn cayenne pepper (Yea its hot)
1 bag of rice

1.Turn the crock pot on low.Do the sauce first so that you can taste to make sure its to your liking.
2.From here it's the dumping game.Everything goes in on low for about 2hrs and 15 mins.

3.After chicken is cooked (2 hrs 15 mins) take chicken out and shredd it with 2 forks,then dump it back in,also pour in the rice.Then turn the the crock pot on low and let simmer for about 40mins.

I served it with a little cheddar cheese on top and cornbread(not pictured).You will need the cornbread or some kind of cracker,because it is hott!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A very personal post

I am almost positive I've used this song before,LOL and I promise I wont do it again,but today it fits! Feeling Good is not 100% accurate to how I feel right now,but I'm keeping my head up and staying positive.It is a totally new day for me,and I like that.Read below....

My job and I "separated" on friday. I would be lying if I said I was sad or upset.I've written about it before,but if you didnt read this, working there had gotten really bad for me.I still can't go into detail,but when I can I will.In any event I reeeaaallly did not like working there anymore,the paycheck was decent,but there were soooo many other things that really grated me constantly.My main concern at this point is what I'll do for money.Do you have some millions you'd like to give me??haha.

I've applied for unemployment and I'm applying for a million jobs a day.I'm trying to relax because I know that my time at the job was coming to an was past time.I've prayed and I know that this was for the better,and I believe that God has an awesome plan for me and it does not include me working at that place forever.All in all I'm elated to not be working there anymore,but I'm concerened about money.I will be ok though,I know that God's got this and I just need to stay focused.Please know that I'm not depressed or anything but I would appreciate you sending your good vibes my way,or prayers.Thanx guys!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Walker Bros (An original Pancake house)

Have I used this song for song of the day already?? I don't know,maybe.Today I need Resolution we all do.This is from John Coltranes 1964 album A Love Supreme.While this week has not been a bad week for me,its been trying..Like I've been trying not to slap a few ppl.Thus far I have succeeded;but just like Faye Dunaway said to Robert Redford in Three Days of the Condor when he asked, "have i killed you yet" she replied that "the night is young";well the week is young.

Anywhooslbeees I went to walker bros on sunday,the one in Wilmette.I had never been before and it was really nice.First thing you gotta know is there is a wait..the wait however is swift.I got there at 12:10 and we were seated by about 12:35.It's an adorable little place right on Green bay Rd. (they have other locations) and sunday seems like one of their more crowded days.
Isnt the menu just darling??                  

I ordered the banana pancakes which I was leery about because i would hate to have the banana taste over power everything.To my pleasant surprise they were sooo good. I couldn't eat them all but,whew they were good!

I also ordered the turkey sausage,which was also to my liking,and guess what it was all $12.I think the wait was totally worth it.I would go back in a minute! It's a great place for familys out for a casual meal.Oh yea,they serve crepes to,gotta try those next time!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pizza on a budget.

Today I bring you the Brazilian sounds of Antonio Carlos Jobim.I remember one of the students in my studio singing this for us in college.I believe she sang it in Portuguese.Aguas de Marco is relaxing,but moving and reminds me of a beach.It's a beach song,a quiet alluring beach song.Oh how it reminds me of my days of a music major.

Today I bring to you a tasty pizza made with alot of things you keep in your home.This is good,when you:
A)have forgotten to thaw out the meat for that day
B)Don't want to spend to much money buying ingredientts
C)Don't feel like stopping at the store

That being said here's what you'll need:
I forgot to include the 10oz of low sodium tomato sauce.For the pizza crust to save even more time,buy something already pre-made like Boboli.

(L-R) Here we have 1/2 c' mozz,1 c cheddar,2 cloves garlic,1,2 c bpepper,3 turkey bacon slices,1/4 c onion.

1)After all is chopped you make the crust,which meant for me just adding water.After the crust is spread out and looks a little like what you thought it might look like,get 1/4 c olive oil,2 dashes parmesan & 1 tblspn garlic pepper and mix it up.Then rub it onto the crust,but dont use all of it you will need it later.
Put the crust in the oven on 350 to blind bake for about 8 mins.

2)Now in a pan on medium heat with a lil olive oil,began to brown the bacon,when it starts to pop take it out and let it drain.

3)Then in goes the tomato sauce (always on low heat so it doesn't pop too much) in go the garlic,peppers and onion.Let these all marry together on low heat for about 10mins stir intermittently.

4)After this is done you are ready to assemble the pie.Spoon the sauce over the crust,then the cheese and lastly the bacon.Bake this on 400 for 12-15 mins.


                                       After...remember how i said to save some of the mixture you spread on the crust befor?Well you'll need it now because after the pie comes out,you brush the leftovers onto the crust again. I love crust with flavor,dont you?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Whats in your bag??

Today's song is brought to us by LTD,one of the hottest R&B bands ever!! Share My Love may not have been their most popular song,but it is moving.This was real music with real meaning and real talent.It's a pretty good wedding song too! listen to the way lead singer Jeffrey Oborne says "promise" at 2:22 sooo powerful!

So this blog has nothing to do w/food but I've seen a few girls doing this on their blog lately and I thought it would uber fun and help yall get to know me better,cause I know thats all you ever pray for,LOL.Here's a look into my large-everyday bag!
This is the front and back of the bag,yea its big!

This is what goes in the back part,lipgloss and the almighty CTA card(dont leave the house w/out it)

In the front part,(from L to R) my   library book( very interesting read)
my day planner,now I kid you not when I say this I go nowhere w/out my day planner.I am one of those ppl,don't make a move without! then my idea book,I also take it90% of everywhere I go.Anytime I get an idea about a blog or my business or anything i write it down.Lastly hand sanitizerbecause the world is a very dirrrty jungle.oh yea that cord is my phone charger because my phone is crappy and needs to be fucking coddled every minute of the day!

Also in that part of the bag (from R - L)well is it obvious what the pink 7 green things are?? Gotta Carry those for emergencies.I carry my mirror, breathmints and my pic..because they all help me to stay fllyyy! Of course lotion, I need to moisturize everytime I wash my hands.Thats that,now whats in ur bag??

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spinach & Feta burger

Today's song is an old classic from the soundtrack of Mo Better Blues.This like sooo many other tunes I love is one that I sang relentlessly as a child but was unable to understand until I was an adult.Harlem Blues is an honest story of love and love lost and...well listen to it.

So this weekend I was really in the mood for a good hearty good for you burger.I had recently seen a few spinach and feta burgers so I thought I'd try one of my own.I used chicken of course since I dont eat red meat,but it still had that real burger look to it.Here's what you'll need:

Few pointers:
I used ground chicken use whatever you'd like
I used fresh spinach just cooked w/ a little bit of garlic pepper
I used unseasoned feta,but the kind w/pepper in it is fine as well.

1)After the spinach has been cooked and drained well,give it a rough chop.Then chop up about 1/4th c of feta.
2)I used about 1 c ground chicken and mix  it,no knead it together with spinach,feta,salt & red pepper to taste.Make sure everything is incorporated really well.
3)On medium heat pour olive oil into pan,this place the burger down.Flatten the burger w/your hand and make a tiny well in the middle with your knuckle to make sure it doesn't puff up.
Cook on both sides for about 7mins,then right befor you take it off put a slice of cheese(your choice)on top and let it melt onto the burger.Use any kind of bun I used egg bread bun.

It really was a delightful burger,I just served mine with herbed fries,but really anything goes.