Friday, October 7, 2011

Whats in your bag??

Today's song is brought to us by LTD,one of the hottest R&B bands ever!! Share My Love may not have been their most popular song,but it is moving.This was real music with real meaning and real talent.It's a pretty good wedding song too! listen to the way lead singer Jeffrey Oborne says "promise" at 2:22 sooo powerful!

So this blog has nothing to do w/food but I've seen a few girls doing this on their blog lately and I thought it would uber fun and help yall get to know me better,cause I know thats all you ever pray for,LOL.Here's a look into my large-everyday bag!
This is the front and back of the bag,yea its big!

This is what goes in the back part,lipgloss and the almighty CTA card(dont leave the house w/out it)

In the front part,(from L to R) my   library book( very interesting read)
my day planner,now I kid you not when I say this I go nowhere w/out my day planner.I am one of those ppl,don't make a move without! then my idea book,I also take it90% of everywhere I go.Anytime I get an idea about a blog or my business or anything i write it down.Lastly hand sanitizerbecause the world is a very dirrrty jungle.oh yea that cord is my phone charger because my phone is crappy and needs to be fucking coddled every minute of the day!

Also in that part of the bag (from R - L)well is it obvious what the pink 7 green things are?? Gotta Carry those for emergencies.I carry my mirror, breathmints and my pic..because they all help me to stay fllyyy! Of course lotion, I need to moisturize everytime I wash my hands.Thats that,now whats in ur bag??

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