Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spicy chicken in a crockpot

Today's song is brought to you my the 2nd best 
R&B group in the world.Boyz II Men was is the epitome of talent and excellence,I just wish that we had more groups like them...but we don't.In any event they will always BOMB in my book and no other group will ever come close to taking their place.These guys could sing accapella and not a note out of tune,I really could go on but I won't.Here are my 2 favoriteBoyz II Men songs:
Please dont go away from me
Uhh Ahh

Now this was an experimental recipe.My sister recently spent some time in Boston and along with sending me the white cheddar I requested she sent me this:

This sat in my fridge for about 2 wks because I couldn't decide what to do with it and I DO NOT  want chipotle infused syrup on my french toast!I finally decided to cook it with some chicken,and other spices heres what you need:

2 chicken breast,cut into 4ths
1/2 c of red & white onion
10 oz tomato sauce (no sodium)
5 oz chipotle infused syrup(the whole bottle)
3 tblspns salt
2 tble spns crushed red pepper
1 tblespn cayenne pepper (Yea its hot)
1 bag of rice

1.Turn the crock pot on low.Do the sauce first so that you can taste to make sure its to your liking.
2.From here it's the dumping game.Everything goes in on low for about 2hrs and 15 mins.

3.After chicken is cooked (2 hrs 15 mins) take chicken out and shredd it with 2 forks,then dump it back in,also pour in the rice.Then turn the the crock pot on low and let simmer for about 40mins.

I served it with a little cheddar cheese on top and cornbread(not pictured).You will need the cornbread or some kind of cracker,because it is hott!!

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