Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spinach & Feta burger

Today's song is an old classic from the soundtrack of Mo Better Blues.This like sooo many other tunes I love is one that I sang relentlessly as a child but was unable to understand until I was an adult.Harlem Blues is an honest story of love and love lost and...well listen to it.

So this weekend I was really in the mood for a good hearty good for you burger.I had recently seen a few spinach and feta burgers so I thought I'd try one of my own.I used chicken of course since I dont eat red meat,but it still had that real burger look to it.Here's what you'll need:

Few pointers:
I used ground chicken use whatever you'd like
I used fresh spinach just cooked w/ a little bit of garlic pepper
I used unseasoned feta,but the kind w/pepper in it is fine as well.

1)After the spinach has been cooked and drained well,give it a rough chop.Then chop up about 1/4th c of feta.
2)I used about 1 c ground chicken and mix  it,no knead it together with spinach,feta,salt & red pepper to taste.Make sure everything is incorporated really well.
3)On medium heat pour olive oil into pan,this place the burger down.Flatten the burger w/your hand and make a tiny well in the middle with your knuckle to make sure it doesn't puff up.
Cook on both sides for about 7mins,then right befor you take it off put a slice of cheese(your choice)on top and let it melt onto the burger.Use any kind of bun I used egg bread bun.

It really was a delightful burger,I just served mine with herbed fries,but really anything goes.

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