Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guess who's going to culinary school??

You have got to remember this song,Hit Em up style.
Everybody was singing this song the summer it came out. I'm still kinda singing it.

Sooo we're do for a quick update. Yesss you read that right in september I will be going to France for a 7 month culinary program here! I am quite excited. Sooo I've moved in with my boyfriend because my lease was up and I'm still getting settled in here. My bday was last sunday I had an awesome beach party,pics will be posted shorlty!! Sooo much is going on, anyway that was my quick update, hopefully I'll be able to post again in a few days!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tofu Salad

Who remembers Maroon 5's breakout song, This Love 
that used to be your jam right? Yea well I'm still jamming to it.Was it supposed to be a dance song? I dunno I always dance to it. You know I was born with boogie fever right?

I have for you today a tofu salad. Featuring that tofu  bought from the farmers market, oh and the broccoli to! Here's what you need:

Any sweet chili sauce will do and I could have used less tofu, pictured above is almost enough for 2 salads.

1. Heat pan on med heat and pour in enough olive oil to coat. Then in go the broccoli and carrots, then green onions and tofu. Pour in a tad bit more olive oil, the broccoli will absorb a fair amount of what you poured down first.
2. Season with about 1.5 tblspns soy sauce,2 pinches salt and about 1.5 tblspn sweet chili sauce. 
3. Just when the tofu begins to brown turn the pan off. Put this in another bowl and let cool for at least 2 hrs.

When your ready to eat toss this with some spring mix and enjoy!

Oh shit, I forgot to mention the carrots! Whoops they are definitely optional but add a nice crunch to the salad.
Soo this sunday is my bday, feel free to wish me a happy day and ask for my address if youd like to send a gift, haha! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Glenwood Farmers Market

Sooo with it being Friday I thought this tune would be very appropriate. Livin for the weekend 
is the ultimate weekend summer jam isn't it? It's cool, laid back and everybody can relate to it. It's a classic and it's never getting old.

Of course the Glenwood Farmers Market is back! Yes I love it. There were alot ot the same vendors from last year but I dont mind because they always bring great stuff! Here are some of the highlights:

Yea things are a bit on the expensive side, but its fresh, homemade and some of it organic. In my opinion its worth it! I purchased some of the extra firm tofu and made a salad of it, come back next week for all the delish deets!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Easy Chicken Sandwich

I love Me some Him has got to be one of my top favorite Toni Braxton songs. Ohhh I love it. By the way this was on like the best album ever Secrets. Anyhoo no one sings anything like Toni does..ever.

*This meal was inspired by a 90 degree day where I did not feel like slaving over the stove for a long time.
I had a yummy croissant in the fridge, I was hungry and it was hot, so here's how it all went down!

I grabbed rosemary,olive oil,salt & crushed red pepper. I tossed them in a bowl and stirred them together.

I pounded out a chicken breast, and tossed it in to marinate for about 2 hrs.
Grab some herbed butter and a spot of olive oil and turn a med sized pan on med heat.After the meat has marinated sufficiently put the chicken in the pan and begin to cook.

First it will look like this, then after you cook it for about 9 mins it will look like this:

Ta- da it will be tender and delicious. Right about when the chicken is done put a few pieces of cheddar cheese upon the meat, turn the heat off and let the cheese melt.
The sandwich will then magically look like this. Do you know I could not eat this whole thing? I ate about %70 of it and saved the rest for breakfast. I cut the tail end of the the meat as well.When its hot I just don't eat like I normally do.Happy sandwiching!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My favorite Salads

Sooo I guess this song is by a group called Fun... I love We Are Young 
I've been hearing it for months and I've never known who did this song. It's a really cool tune tho, listen to it!

Today I have kind of a repeat blog, well not really. As it gets hot in the summer I like to stay further and further away from the stove, which leaves me with salads. I have a list and a few suggestions for some of my favorite salads. By no means do you have to do the salad just like this, these are just my healthy and fast suggestions:

1. Grilled Corn & mango salad- this is made alot like a salsa, but theres lettuces in it. Grill the corn as you usually would season lightly with salt & peppa. When its done get every  juicy morsel of corn off that cob, mix with spring mix 1/4 c of mango diced up well, season with crushed red chili pepper, lime juice and salt. If you have any left over go ahead and put it on a taco.

2. Green bean salad- I always have some frozen green beans in the freezer, look waaay in the back of your freezer, you probably do to. Perfect go to for a salad. Sit them in warm water for 7 mins then drain. You could even steam them. Season with lemon juice, salt and garlic pepper. Let this sit in the fridge for about 15 mins before you serve.

3.Orzo w/cubed feta- This one takes a bit more prep time. You've got to chop the cucumbers,feta and olives and of course cook the orzo. Go light on the seasoning, the feta and olves bring a fair amount of salt. Use a little olive oil, Goya adobo seasoning and black pepper. You'll wanna pop this in the freezer before you serve this as well.

Feel free to share any of your favorite quick and healthy salads!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kicked up french toast

Today I bring you my favorite Beyonce song.Deja Vu 
is.... is just it, plain and simple.

Remember many moon ago when I stumbled upon this great little spot in Evanston, and they had that french toast covered in cornflakes?? Well I done done it!! Not really I used oates to cover  mine in. Total yummers! Wanna see it? Here it go! Here's what you'll need:

You don't have to use whole grain, challah or egg bread will do just fine. Also if you don't like rum extract use vanilla.

1) Measure out a cup of oates, now with a good knife give them an efficient but rough chop. Dont measure out the whole cup at once you'll have oates everywhere. Sprinkle in 2 dashs of allspice into the oates.

2) Get the griddle out, get it hot. Melt about 2 tblpspns butter on the griddle. While thats coming together mix together the eggs, a dash of rum extract,1 tspn nutmeg and half a tspn of cinnamon. Whisk very well, its time to dip!

3)Dip the bread into the egg mix then coat very well in the oates, then onto the gridle. I had my gridle on high, but I should have had it on med...learn from my mistakes. The bread should cook on each side for about 4-5 mins.
Do this with all 3 pcs of bread, and you'll have this:

Sprinkle with confectionery sugar and gooble up!