Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fried Eggplant

I am a huge Queen Latifah fan,I even saw her live once,twas awesome!! I consider her someone whom has really aged appropriately with the changing times.I know Where I've Been is a song she sang for the Hairspray soundtrack.I absolutely love this song,and she really saaangs it.

So as you know I haven't quite found a job yet,so a few days as ago as I was sitting here scouring for jobs and watching Ghost Whisperer,I thought "I'm in the mood to do something fun". I had half an eggplant in my fridge so I decided to do something with it before it went bad.Soooo I fried it! Yeppo, if you can fry zucchini why not eggplant?? Guess what yall,it was actually good.I was afraid at first but it really is pretty tasty.Here's what you'll need:
This is half of an eggplant just cut up like fries.

1.After your eggplant has been cut you pour about about 2.5 c's canola oil in a deep pot and turn on med.(Yes I forgot to include canola oil in the pic)

2.Then  assemble your stations,a bowl with 1.5 c's milk and a plate with 1c flour,1c cornmeal,2 tblspns salt & cumin,stir together very well.

3.First dip the eggplant in the milk then coat in well in the flour mixture.Only fry 4 peices at a time,the eggplant will only need to fry for about 4 mins,till crispy!
I thought about making a sauce for them but I didn't.I just dipped them in hot sauce.I think this would be a cooool appetizer...maybe served w/a cheese sauce,whaddya think?

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