Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Banana Bread Pudding

For once today's song is actually current,LOL. Rumor has it is a really great song by the awesomely talented Adele.She's such a breath of fresh air in today's world where we've got ppl famous for being rich and having sex.Lookey lookey this girl can actually sing,and there are no sex tapes of her on youtube.

So I grew up eating banana pudding,the kind with vanilla wafers.Recently I've had a hunkering for a great dessert;so I was looking online for a nana pudding and I found a really great recipe here. It's a really great blog. Anywhoslbeees my recipe is kinda loosely based on that one.A few differences I should note tho:
I used farmers bread,worked well i'll use egg bread or challah next time
I used 3.5 bananas
I did not use caramel sauce
Unfortunately I used a cup of sugar :(

Now lets go to the fair!(the fair is the nana pudding)
So this is the condensed milk,vanilla ,cinnamon eggs and salt.Whisked really well.

This is that adorable little casserole dish I got from the antique store on labor day.I first buttered the bottom and sides of the dish,then  sprinkled brwn sugar and put down some of the nanas.None of this is exact science,dont fret just do it!

Continue to layer,sugar,nanas,custard mix & bread until your all out.If I had it to do all over again which i will soon hehehe I would have cut the bread in half.Sprinkle sugar and pinch od cinnamon on top when your done.Then put it in the oven on 350 for about 35 mins.It will be piping hot,wait for it to cool.Totally worth the wait...and that smell,amazing.My whole apartment smelled like fresh cinnamon and yumness.

After it cools go get one of those dessert cups you got for 50 cent at the antique shop and fill er up! When I made this I ate it hot,but since then i've eaten it cold and its just as great.The banana pudding I grew up eating was always cold. This is something I will be unable to make very often,because it is sooo good. I made it saturday and its almost all gone.I didn't even share any with anyone...shhh dont tell the others.

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