Monday, October 8, 2012

Le Deuxieme semaine ( the 2nd week)

Here we are 2nd week of classes.I have discovered an awesome fresh market, unfortunately it will prolly be closed by the end of October. Close down season is Nov.1st-March 1st. I bought some really tasty paella. Also me and one of my roomates were down at the port on sunday and low and behold all these cute little shops were open. I bought some adorably cute clothing for very reasonable prices. I was pleasantly surprised! This weekend we all went down to the port to celebrate on of my school mates birthdays, and I saw something very interesting....Pregnant women...two of least 5 months along in the club, bopping around. Oh and one of them was smoking! Can you believe that. Well apparently that's normal. My voice teacher who used to live in France told me thats perfectly normal. So without further adieu here are last weeks highlights.

Oke doke so I Do you? Well last week I gutted about 9 of them! Eek, perfect nastiness.In between being grossed out I'm learning alot.
 The picture is smaller than I'd like it to be, but what we have here is a yeast corn pancake beneath a sardine stuffed with herbed coat cheese and roasted onions. I don't like goat cheese either, but this was ok. No, I'll never cook it or order it, but I can say I tried it.

This was soooo amazingly good. Prawn on top of a fried potato, with carrot soup. This may was really good, I wish we could've had more prawn.
We made a really tasty risotta on friday but I cant find those pics, but it was the best thing we made, thus far.

Have a good week bloggers & bloggettes!