Sunday, October 16, 2011

A very personal post

I am almost positive I've used this song before,LOL and I promise I wont do it again,but today it fits! Feeling Good is not 100% accurate to how I feel right now,but I'm keeping my head up and staying positive.It is a totally new day for me,and I like that.Read below....

My job and I "separated" on friday. I would be lying if I said I was sad or upset.I've written about it before,but if you didnt read this, working there had gotten really bad for me.I still can't go into detail,but when I can I will.In any event I reeeaaallly did not like working there anymore,the paycheck was decent,but there were soooo many other things that really grated me constantly.My main concern at this point is what I'll do for money.Do you have some millions you'd like to give me??haha.

I've applied for unemployment and I'm applying for a million jobs a day.I'm trying to relax because I know that my time at the job was coming to an was past time.I've prayed and I know that this was for the better,and I believe that God has an awesome plan for me and it does not include me working at that place forever.All in all I'm elated to not be working there anymore,but I'm concerened about money.I will be ok though,I know that God's got this and I just need to stay focused.Please know that I'm not depressed or anything but I would appreciate you sending your good vibes my way,or prayers.Thanx guys!!

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