Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pizza on a budget.

Today I bring you the Brazilian sounds of Antonio Carlos Jobim.I remember one of the students in my studio singing this for us in college.I believe she sang it in Portuguese.Aguas de Marco is relaxing,but moving and reminds me of a beach.It's a beach song,a quiet alluring beach song.Oh how it reminds me of my days of a music major.

Today I bring to you a tasty pizza made with alot of things you keep in your home.This is good,when you:
A)have forgotten to thaw out the meat for that day
B)Don't want to spend to much money buying ingredientts
C)Don't feel like stopping at the store

That being said here's what you'll need:
I forgot to include the 10oz of low sodium tomato sauce.For the pizza crust to save even more time,buy something already pre-made like Boboli.

(L-R) Here we have 1/2 c' mozz,1 c cheddar,2 cloves garlic,1,2 c bpepper,3 turkey bacon slices,1/4 c onion.

1)After all is chopped you make the crust,which meant for me just adding water.After the crust is spread out and looks a little like what you thought it might look like,get 1/4 c olive oil,2 dashes parmesan & 1 tblspn garlic pepper and mix it up.Then rub it onto the crust,but dont use all of it you will need it later.
Put the crust in the oven on 350 to blind bake for about 8 mins.

2)Now in a pan on medium heat with a lil olive oil,began to brown the bacon,when it starts to pop take it out and let it drain.

3)Then in goes the tomato sauce (always on low heat so it doesn't pop too much) in go the garlic,peppers and onion.Let these all marry together on low heat for about 10mins stir intermittently.

4)After this is done you are ready to assemble the pie.Spoon the sauce over the crust,then the cheese and lastly the bacon.Bake this on 400 for 12-15 mins.


                                       After...remember how i said to save some of the mixture you spread on the crust befor?Well you'll need it now because after the pie comes out,you brush the leftovers onto the crust again. I love crust with flavor,dont you?

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