Thursday, October 13, 2011

Walker Bros (An original Pancake house)

Have I used this song for song of the day already?? I don't know,maybe.Today I need Resolution we all do.This is from John Coltranes 1964 album A Love Supreme.While this week has not been a bad week for me,its been trying..Like I've been trying not to slap a few ppl.Thus far I have succeeded;but just like Faye Dunaway said to Robert Redford in Three Days of the Condor when he asked, "have i killed you yet" she replied that "the night is young";well the week is young.

Anywhooslbeees I went to walker bros on sunday,the one in Wilmette.I had never been before and it was really nice.First thing you gotta know is there is a wait..the wait however is swift.I got there at 12:10 and we were seated by about 12:35.It's an adorable little place right on Green bay Rd. (they have other locations) and sunday seems like one of their more crowded days.
Isnt the menu just darling??                  

I ordered the banana pancakes which I was leery about because i would hate to have the banana taste over power everything.To my pleasant surprise they were sooo good. I couldn't eat them all but,whew they were good!

I also ordered the turkey sausage,which was also to my liking,and guess what it was all $12.I think the wait was totally worth it.I would go back in a minute! It's a great place for familys out for a casual meal.Oh yea,they serve crepes to,gotta try those next time!

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