Monday, October 24, 2011

Easy Blueberry muffins

Well todays song is current for a change.LOL,I"ve really fallin in love with Adele's song SOmeone like you . It's amazing and it really shows her vocal ability...and those lyrics,well haven't we all been there,oh you haven' will.

I know I've been away for a while and yall have missed me.I spend most of my days now applying for jobs and allll that exciting jazz,so please keep hope alive for me! I didn't do too much posting last week because I was at MSU's homecoming! Twas a blast,saw a few friends had a few dranks and partied like a rockstar!! On to more important things...last week I made the most moist & delcious muffins I've ever made,and it was easy.I got the recipe from allrecipes and I just added a few things.Here's what you'll need:(sorry the pics are blurry the camera was on the wrong setting)

I didn't actually use all those blueberries,I used about a 4th of a cup.

Here is the recipe I made a few additions as usual:
After the flour & egg mix has been mixed together,add in 1 cup blueberry yogurt.
For the crumb topping I added about 2 tblspns pumpkin spice.I must have made to much because I had enough to put on after they came out the oven.

Here is the blurry proof:
I had a hard time really getting the crumble on the muffin like I wanted.The crumble was to big as you can see,but there really yummy...they would be nice for a ladies brunch!

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