Saturday, March 31, 2012

Banana Bread

Babay Come to Me exemplifies good music when music was good. Whatever happened to those days. Regina Belle is one artist who never really got her comeuppance. This woman had a huge and melodic voice and awesome music, and she knows how to put her soul into everything she sings.

As yall probably have gathered I made banana bread this week for the first time!! I bought some bananas and I'll be doggone if they don't brown & bruise super fast so I figured I'd just make some banana bread, and it was pretty darn goood.
Here is the recipe I used but with these substitutes:
1c of vanilla yogurt instead of sour cream
1/2c of oates instead of nuts.
Also I smashed my bananas partially before putting them in the batter

The recipe was pretty straight forward and didn't take to long to make

I actually should have put more oates in the bread because you can't see them at all you could barely taste them. So go ahead and throw in a cup of oates!

The bread kinda fell after it came out the oven,LOL. Is that supposed to happen it kinda disappointed me, but it is really rather tasty!

Be sure to come back next week to read all about an easy yet scrumptious lunch I prepared for a friend!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whats really in your hamburger??

I realize that most of the songs I post came out about 20 yrs ago,so today I have something fairly recent. Love On Top  is a Beyonce song that I actually happen to like. I'm not real keen on all the lyrics..the whole "fighting thru my tears'" and "FINALLY you put my love on top" but what can ya do?? it is a really great dance song tho.

As you all know I don't eat any read meat or pork but I stumbled upon a very interesting article that I thought I'd share with you guys. It's all about the ins & outs of a hamburger. I'm sure you heard it all before but this article is really rather informative!
Whats in a hamburger???? 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Apple Pie Bites

I, I love you like a love song baby! who doesn't love that song? It's so cute and appropriate for little girls to sing. Surely Mz. Gomez is not the best singer in the world but she carries this tune off well, and it's such a catch lil ditty!

So earlier this week I was in a baking mood,which is not uncommon for me at all.I wanted to do something with a crumb mixture but I wasn't really in the mood for cake, I decided on what I like to call apple pie bites. Little bites of apple pie. I used  my regular recipe for apple pie but I cut it in half. For the bottom crust I just used Betty crocker crust. I used a cup to make 12 perfectly round bottoms ( can we say grueling) 

Now for the crumb mixture that goes on top... I just love a good crumb mix, have I told ya'll that? anyhoooooo...
Melt a 1/4 c butter then mix it (actually I prefer to cut it with a knife)with the  following: 1/2 c sugar, 1/3 c flour,1 tblspn pumpkin spice and 1.5 tblspn cinnamon. Cut this really well.
Pre-heat the oven to 375, ration the apples into the crusts and put the crumb mixture on top.

Bake them for about 20mins and theeennnn

Yummness, make sure you spray the pan really well so that everything comes out easily.These are incredibly tasty, the whole cutting out the crusts took forever but it was really worth it! This would be nice to make for an intimate dinner party!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My 30 minute meals

I cried for you the Sarah Vaughan & Count Basie rendition is just the best! These two were truly a match made in heaven,everything they did was like magic and this tune is no exception. Listen to the way Sarah is always constantly behind the beat but never off rhythm... this is why she's my favorite!

Today I'd like to share with you a few of my 30 minute meals. You know fast that that doesn't require alot of time. I realize that a lot the recipes I create are somewhat labor intensive and require a fair amount of chopping,marinating or prepping so today I thought up some of my favorite quick meals!

1)Chicken breast sandwich-Most of us always have chicken breasts lying around. It's a great source of protein and doesn't take long to cook.
How to- pound the breast out to about an inch thick season w/whatever you'd like. I use olive oil,salt,pepper & chili powder, cook it over medium heat about 8 mins in each side. Grab your desired bun and slice of cheese and dinners ready!

2)Sausage and rice- this comes from my grandparents who used to put leftover hot dogs and chicken sausage in our rice.
How to- Boil rice as usual then saute it on medium heat w/ the sausage and your choice of spices. I believe that takes less than 30 mins.

3)Frozen pasta dinner- Have you ever boiled too much pasta and made too much sauce? Yes I have. Freeze it, it's like your own little stouffers or lean cuisine meal.
How to-Defrost the meal for about 2.5 mins then take out and stir. Put the pasta back in for another 2.5 mins when it comes out sprinkle some basil and cheese on top, voila!

4)Red cabbage salad- This wknd I bought a whole head of cabbage for one lonely po'boy and I have so much left after boiling down some of it I still had half a head left, salad time!
How to-whisk together:olive oil,red wine vinegar,salt,blk pepper& onion powder. Toss the cabbage around in it,salad is served!

That's that, these are my in a rush meals that I should probably cook more often. Is it only me or sometimes is it just relaxing to chop and peel stuff? Only me? yea that's what I thought!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shrimp Po'boy!

In keeping with the Will Ferrell theme, today I will share with you a little ditty called Love Me Sexy this is the song he sang for the soundtrack of Semi-Pro and boy did he sang it. The lyrics are crazy hilarious, but the insanity if this song totally matched the wackiness of this movie.

After frying fish with a friend if mine a week I realized how much I love that stuff! I don't eat it often,cause it's fried, but when I do ,boy do I enjoy it! Sooo I made myself a po'boy, ya'll know I love those right? I even found some red cabbage and yummy french rolls,to accompany my masterpiece.Anywhosslebees here's what you'll need:

For the red cabbage slaw:

In a bowl, pour in just enough red wine vinegar to coat the bottom,then a tblspn and a half of spicy brown mustard and 2 pinched black pepper. Throw in the cabbage and toss,now set aside, we've got remoulade to make! 

For the remoulade sauce you'll need:
1/2 c mayo
2 tspn dill
1 tspn garlic pepper
3 shakes hot sauce 
1 pinch salt
2 tspns lemon juice
Mix this all together and set in the fridge.

Now for the shrimp:

You'll also need 2 eggs (whisked) and 10 pcs of peeled shrimp. 7 of them go in the sandwich, 3 go directly into your mouth!

1.Now that the shrimp has been peeled and ready to go whisk 2 eggs and toss the shrimp in there. Pour a cup and a fourth of vege oil into a shallow pot on medium heat.
2.Get out a big plate and combine 3/4 a c of cornmeal and half a c of flour. Now in goes the following:1 tblspn Chesapeake bay seasoning,tspn of cayenne pepper and salt, mix together really well. 
3. Now dredge your shrimp in the dry mix and put it on a plate so that all the shrimp get fried at the same time.

Now your ready to fry baby fry!!
4) The shrimp goes into the oil on med heat for about 5 mins in each side. When they are done be sure to let them drain before assembling the sandwich. I drain them on a paper bag but to each his and her own!
5. Now get that french roll cut it open and spread some of that zesty remoulade sauce on the bun,then the shrimp then the cabbage!! Now your ready to bite!

Serve it with steamed green beans....or whatever is lying around, makes for pure yumness!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kitchen Dreams

I have loved this song since the very first time I heard it. Summergirls by LFO was an instant sensation! Everybody loooved it,this is the makes Have you ever really listened to it?? It's a series of words that match the sequence of words before them, LOL. It's kinda random but it's a great song. The blond who did all the rapping died about a year ago from lukemia so RIP to him,but this song will live on forever!

Today my lovelies we will explore my kitchen dreams....are u scared? No don't be, these aren't the dreams where I'm making out with Blair Underwood and Jamie Foxx is feeding me ice cream...TMI sorry.
These dreams are the appliances dreams, things I want but don't really need;if I had them I'd use the hell out of them,so here we go!!

1) I am very big on gourmet sandwiches, and I love the way the ridge marks look on the bread. If I had a panini press I'd use it at least once a week

2) I live in an apartment I don't own, so I don't have the option of a double oven. Boy oh boy, what I could do with one.... Oh I also want those floors and granite counter top.

3)I NEED an indoor grill,I've got to have it for salmon,chicken,corn....a kitchen ain't a kitchen without it.

4) This would soooo come in handy when I'm making salsa's and sauces. Normally I use the chop button on my blender but a food processor would really be key.

So now that you've had a peek into my dreams, of your feeling generous,hehe I'll be happy to send you my address and you can send me some of my dreams,LOL. Tell me some of your kitchen dreams!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie

Today I bring to you from my hometown of Detroit, The Jones Girls. They were a singing trio from Motor City with lots of good hits. Your gonna make me Love Somebody Else is one of my favorites. Have you ever had to say that to somebody?? Yea I have to.

All those KFC commercials advertising their chicken pot pie really got me to craving some. No I haven't been to KFC in years but I did make a pot pie of my own. I did it in the crock pot,but a stock pot would work as well. I really wanted to use puff pastry as well, but I'll have you know I went to 2 stores and they were out!! Oh well the Betty Crocker crust works just fine.Here's what you'll need:

Yea I used a ton of ingredients, but its pot pie, you have to fill the pie!!

1) Turn your crock pot on high, and begin all your chopping,what joy! You'll need to chop:
2 celery stalks
1.5 potatoes
4 mushrooms (bottoms off)
3 grn onions
I really don't know how much rosemary I used..maybe 1 tblespn
1 lg chicken breast

2) Everything is chopped now dump in 2 cans of low sodium cream of mushroom and a half cup of water.
3) go ahead and pour in all other ingredients, and a half cup of frozen corn & peas. Season with 1 tblspn garlic pepper and 1 tblspn salt. Put the top on and go have a glass of wine.

4) I only cooked it for 2 hours and it was done. I turned it on low and used this time to make the crust. I blind baked the bottom layer crust, on 375 for about 10 mins, that's optional.

5) Now the pie is ready to be baked, on 375 for about 30 mins. The butter on top of the crust is optional, that's my inner Paula Deen coming out.

 Voila, a beautifully delicious pie!! The crust is buttery, flakey and just right,the filling is delicious oh and actually I made waaay to much. I have leftover  filling in my freezer, enough to make another small pie.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wildberry(chicago Location)

I remember my grandfather teaching me the lyrics to Calvary when I was about 5 years old. A very simple song not hard to learn. What I have for you today is Richard Smallwoods version, it's nothing like the Calvary you have ever heard before. It's pretty moving,it was always one of my favorite songs to sing in choir,check it out! 

On Sunday me and a friend if mine finally got to check out Wildberry 
it's fairly new I believe it just opened up a few months ago. Unfortunately they do not accept reservations on weekends! You know how much I hate that right?? Oh well,the weight was about 20mins and the food was certainly worth it. I ordered the cinnamon apple pancakes and turkey sausage,they were awesome. I got like 5 pancakes and the cinnamon apple taste was very present but not over powering. It's a really cute place nicely decorated and rather inviting.

So I had all this plus a nice cup of hot tea for only about $15 and I can't wait to go back. They're only open until 230pm but I hear they have a nice lunch menu! Well I'm off to a baby shower in Michigan, have a good weekend and meet me back here next week so I can share my chicken pot pie recipe!

Monday, March 5, 2012


I was browsing thru a music store a week ago and I stumbled upon sheet music to Change the World by Eric Clapton. I was sooo geeked because I have always loved this song,and now I finally get to sing it! Yay!

Are you wondering what an eggchilada is? You've probably already guessed it, its a breakfast enchilada with eggs. I had some lovely salsa left over and I was feeling rather experimental with breakfast. I had been having a taste for enchiladas lately but that enchilada sauce has way to much sodium in it. Soooo I thunk up these eggchiladas. Here is what you'll need:

You will also need 4 tortillas, up top from L-R we have:1/2 c of onions,1/4 c bell peppers,3 slices turkey bacon,handful of cilantro,1/2 c of cheddar & mozzarella cheeses.

1)After everything is good and chopped,get a saute pan on medium heat and pour enough olive oil to coat. Begin to brown the peppers and onions,after their color begins to brown throw in the bacon.

2) Now let that do what it do, but don't let it stick! Take 3 quarters of the cilantro and put it into a bowl. Crack all three eggs on top of that,season with salt & pepper. Get a smidge of butter and put it in the pan,pour in the eggs and begin to scramble.

3) Now its time to eggchilada! Simply get the tortilla,spoon in some of the egg mixture then cheddar cheese,lastly some salsa.

4) Turn the oven on to 375. Wrap the tortilla seam side down,put some mozzarella on top a little more salsa and the remainder of the cilantro. Into the oven they go,but only for about 10 mins.

There they go,eggchiladas! Yummy and very filling.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Healthy Happy hour

I have something rare for ya'll today.... I have a rap song!!! Can you believe it?
Magnificent by Rick Ross ft. John Legend, has got to be the smoothest rap songs out there. I love John Legend,who does such a good job of making this a laid back summertime dance song. I don't really get into rap but when I listen to this song,I want to be on a yacht drinking and chilling,what about you?
I was reading Yahoo shine and I stumbled upon a very useful article. When I drink I always want to have a good time and let me hair down,but if you know me you know I'm also trying to be somewhat health conscious. When I found this
article I knew I hit the jackpot! I couldn't wait to share this with you guys,so enjoy and have a great weekend!