Friday, September 23, 2011

Livin for the weekend

Well if you listen to the O'Jays you already know what todays song is .After the week I"ve had,ugh I'm surprised I made it.Livin for the weekend is the ultimate chill wknd song and after the week I've had I kinda wish the weekend could last forever....

FYI:This post has nothing to do with food so blah.This week has been hellish for me.On thursday I was 2 hairs away from quitting my job,I didn't do it because I wouldn't have an income but mannn I was close.I've been working at the legal clinic for 2 yrs no and its really beginning to wear thin on me. I can't divulge details because it could be used against me in a court of law(if it ever got that far).I will say that there is alot of unfairness and preferential treatment and I'm on the receiving end if none of it.I am pretty good at ignoring this except for when my superiors wanna come down on me for things that after it all boils down isn't actually my fault.I've been praying alot,I always do;I have trust in God and I know that his plan will prevail and I'm ready for Him to take me where he wants me to be.At some point this week I might lose my job,and I'm ok with that,kinda.I know that whatever happens I will keep my head up and make it thru like I have so many times before.I know that God's got this,and I'm ready for his masterplan.So please excuse me while I spend my friday night looking for jobs and a halloween costume...yea I'm helping my friend out with a film competition he's in so I'll be on set all day tomorrow.Excuse my little rant but this week had really been testing me this week! whew!

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