Friday, July 29, 2011

Eggplant Enchiladas

Uggghhh song if the day will be discontinued for a while...did you guys even read it tho? I think it was something I kinda did for myself,LOL. Anyhoo today I go to add a song and I click save as a draft and guess what it did?? It deleted all of my songs of the day since the middle of june!!!!!

I am fed-up with song of the day problems so until I figure out how to incorporate it.....blah...

Onto happier things I recently made some eggplant enchiladas.Originally i wanted to use the eggplant like the tortilla but then I realized I'd have to bake it first then it would get thinner and it would rip as I wrapped it. So out with that,I decided instead of using rice like most folk would I'd use some eggplant.Not to much,it should complement not over power. So here's what you'll need:

1) Rinse and chop your onions & cilantro as well as the eggplant.I used less than a half of eggplant and I cut them into large matchsticks.

2) Get a saute pan on med heat and pour sesame oil,enough to coat,first in goes the meat put half the seasoning mix in as well.Remember chorizo is already seasoned so you dont need alot of spices for this.

3)After the meat has been cooking for about 6 mins drizzle a little more oil in the pan,then dump on the onions,eggplant & black beans,then towards the end put the cilantro in.

4) Turn the oven onto 400.It's time to assemble the enchiladas!! Spoon the mixture into the tortillas,not too much.You dont want it to rip or the mixture to fall out.Add a little bit of both cheese's to the inside roll it up and lay it in the pyrex seam down.(Oops I forgot to tell you that i coated the pyrex with olive oil).

5)Repeat the same process for all 4 then put remaining cheese on top and pour on enchilada sauce.I used only half can,don't know why I bought 2...In the oven the go on 400 for about 8 mins.

6) While this happening you will realize how nice it will be to have cilantro as garnish on top of the enchiladas.You will cut a few sprigs of cilantro,you will be happy.

7) 8 mins has come and gone take the enchiladas out the oven and be excited,its gonna be delish!

I wonder why it never dawned on me to put eggplant in an enchilada before.It was really tasty,gave it a real full taste.

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