Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Taste Of River North

This wknd was the Taste Of River North,alot like the taste of Chicago but thank Jesus not as crowded.This gives alot of the restaurants in the river north area a chance to show off their food.Tickets were only a dollar a piece,which was really great but you had to buy either 5 or 10 of them(theres the catch) and you really couldn't get very far with 5 so I got $10.It was soo hot that day the first thing I did when i got there was get a cup of Pinot Grigio(turtle time) which cost me 4 tickets.

So I walked around,tried not to sweat too much and decide what I wanted to taste

Boy did I wish I had tickets leftover for Sangria..which I couldv'e gotten but I would have needed more tickets.I finally settle on 2 chicken sliders from Maxwell's

Twas a tasty slider,a little on the blah and lackluster side when it comes to appearances but still tasty.

Then I saw this incredible show of acrobatic stunts but on by...I don't know the name of the troupe but it was really amazing and I wish I could have gotten some better pictures.These kids were all black and it makes me so happy to see them doing something positive that could pay their way thru college.It's so refreshing because 8 ppl I went to HS with are dead(that I know of)and I know how hard it can be to separate,fly above,and do better than the lifestyle you grew up in.

He jumped over this banner.At the very end of the show one kid would run up to a flip,land and stand in line,then the next kid flipped over him and stands in line so on and so forth.At the end there were about 8 kids in line! Can you believe that? That means somebody flipped over,5,6,7,8 maybe 9 kids and no one got kicked in the head.These kids were truly amazing they were doing some seriously high flipping & jumping.

Like I said I would have taken more pics but I was too busy being in awe.

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