Friday, July 1, 2011

Chicken Chorizo burgers

DISCLAIMER:You guys know I'm horrible at measuring things right?? Ok well umm... I didn't measure any of this recipe...sorry guys.I will to better next time.

Now that I've gotten that out the way...I looove chicken chorizo.Love it,love it,love it. So I made a burger out of it. I remember being in DC a few yrs ago and somehow some dish I ordered had chorizo in it,the real kind. I didn't realize this until the plate got to my table and I'm like "what is this amazing yet un-familiar flavor" my meat eating friend was like oh that chorizo girl.So fast forward 2 yrs later and I see the chicken kind in my grocery store,I stock up! This is really an awesome burger and doesn't take to long to cook.Here's what you'll need:
Yesss I discovered and I love it! I wish the words were bigger. In case your wondering thats 2 links & about 1/4th c ground turkey. It was enough for to burgers,oh and I used an egg to.

~So you crack the egg,whisk it well,then in goes the meat and seasonings:garlic pepper,salt & chili powder.Pour the olive oil on the grill and let it get hott.

~ I formed my meat into 2 patties and set them on the grill. While they cook I sliced my onions and cut a peice of bacon in half.

~This is after they had been flipped and I was toasting the bun,the bacon cooked shortly after. As I said they dont take long to cook. I only cooked mine for about 8 mins on each side.

~ This was my favorite step! Pile the cheese high, about 2mins before you take the burger of pile.the.cheese.high! Then the burger is ready to assemble.

Spread honey mustard on the bottom bun,then bacon,burger,onions,top bun. It will look like this, and you will drool:

Yeah I'm bad at plating,dont look at the plate focus on the food,doesn't it look delectable? well it was, I really can't wait to make this again.The sweetness if the honey mustard works well with the sausage;and the onions while optional really give it a crunch.This would be the perfect quick and easy 4th of July Burger!

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