Monday, July 11, 2011

Summertime Desserts

Today I will share with you some of my favorite summertime dessert recipes. The first one is the only one thats vaguely healthy so if your on a apologies.

1)Stuffed cantaloupe: I like to buy a nice sized cantaloupe and about 4 lunch sized containers of fruit cocktail.After I cut the melon in half, open I scoop out all the seeds and a few large slabs of the cantaloupe. You cut these up in chunks and put them back into the melon along w/the fruit cocktail.After both halves have been filled you put them on a sheet pan and into the fridge for about an hour & 45. Make sure it has set firm before you cut and serve it.This isnt my recipe but its pretty close to what i do.

2)Mango sundae:I think we've discussed my love for mango's befor...This dessert is not for everyone but boy do I love it.This is what I do: Get a martini glass(if ur gonna eat like this portion control is important) Line the glass with 6 slices of mango,then get about 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream in the glass. Then pour on some chocolate syrup,crunch up some teddy grahms and put them on top.Yea,yea don't worry about your diet just eat it.

3)Pound Cake sandwich: I feel guilty just admitting to you that I eat this...Oh well here goes.
I like to get 2 slices if the sweetest lb cake sandwiches I can find ( no icing) and pop them in the microwave for about 10 secs.At this point the ice cream should've been sitting out for about 7 mins so that it spreads easier(I'm spreading ice cream,Lord help) I prefer cookies n' cream but you use what works for you. Assemble like a sandwich,lay down one peice of lb cake scoop out the ice cream kinda spread it like you would on any other sandwich,then put the other slice on top,then get some carmel syrup drizzle on top and enjoy.Pretty messy but totally worth it.
Please don't tell anyone you got this from me,LOL.

PS don't eat it like a sandwich, just don't ok!

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