Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Pt.2

So who saw the season finale? such a short season.Tsk,tsk,tsk. Well I feel for Mr. Oliver I really do,he was never really allowed into the LA school lunchroom,and the season was only 6 episodes long.WTH?? The school systems main gripe was "we don't want his camera's in here making our schools look bad." I kind of understand that its hard to recruit students when your school was on tv for having horrible lunches. On the other hand Mr. Oliver is trying to save lives;obesity is running rampid. It's not abnormal anymore it has become the norm,and as an administrator in a city full of obese kids shouldn't they want to something about that?

Unfortunately for Jamie his saving grace didn't come until the very end.It was the superintendent that kept Jamie out of the schools and told him this to his face at a board meeting.
The nerve!! Anyway guess what, that guy stepped down,retired or something and the LAUSD got a new superintendent,one who was on board with the changes.Unfortunately Jamie's time had expired,he had been already banned from LA schools.During his time there he was able to touch a few lives and instill some of his healthy cooking methods on a few people here and there.I for one am a bit disappointed in LAUSD,Jamie was there to help and implement a better lifestyle for the students (you know..our future) and they wanted nothing of it.It makes me wonder:1)whats going on in the LAUSD lunches? 2)Why aren't more of us brown bagging it? The schools clearly will serve our kids whatever,so what are we going to do about it?

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