Thursday, July 14, 2011

Loyola Farmers Market

Did you check out the song of the day? which rendition did you like the most,yea go back and check it out!

I went to another farmers mrkt and it was hot! I mean it it was about 92 degrees here on monday.Seriously tho it was completely worth it. It's much smaller than the Glenwood mrkt,Loyola only had about 6 vendors and i wish it was in a better location. I say this because its really hard to miss,if your not looking for it your not going to find it.They've got some good stuff going on there and I wish more folks knew about it.I took a few pics w/my camera from my phone because I had forgotten my actual camera.

Well you already know if there's cheese to be found I will find it.He had a pretty good variety of herbed cheeses. I didn't buy any...I went cheese crazy a few weeks ago at Trader joes...we won't go there.

I'm so sorry I don't remember/didn't take a pic of this guys shop name. I had to snap this because this may have been the best focaccia I have ever tasted,so soft and with soo much flavor. I have to go back this coming monday to find out where is shop is,oh and to buy carbs,I mean focaccia.

This another reason I have to go back this monday,these cookies were amazing! It's a family business working out of a commercial kitchen in Evanston and they sure can bake.They just might give Bennisons a run for their money. I got a dark chocolate chewy cookie and a regular chocolate chip and they were both so good.I have to get back!

These were just a few of the vendors but this mrkt is really worth checking out.The vendors are really knowledgeable and its very easy to navigate.I will be back!

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