Sunday, July 17, 2011

BBQ Chicken wraps

So this weekend was our neighborhood block party and I wanted to do my part,be neighborly and bring a dish so I settled on BBQ chicken wraps.The inspiration for the dis comes from this adorable site:
Guess what I even bought a brand new crock pot!! It was on sell at Target for $19.00,anyway here's what you'll need:

1) I mixed together about 2 tblespn's of cajun seasoning & garlic powder,then about 3 tblespn's of tagine spice,oh and thats 6 lg chicken breast.Just rub the seasonings really well into the meat,cover and sit it in the fride overnight.

2)Get up bright & early the next morning and chop up one red onion.Here's what you'll need for the actual wraps:

3) Now you cut the chicken into halves or thirds depending upon how big the breast is,but it,the onions and BBQ sauce into the crock pot and turn it on high.I cooked it on high for 2 hrs and 15 mins and it came out lovely.

4) Thus begins the pulling process,which I really dont enjoy at all!! You gotta hunker down and do it.It took a while but in the end I had plenty.

5) From here all you have to do is wrap..Cut the tortillas in half,then wrap a small portion of the chicken then sprinkle in some queso fresco cheese,wrap it up and insert a festive toothpick to keep them in place.

If I must say so myself they went over pretty well!

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