Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chicago's Finest,a restaurant for every occasion

I've lived in Chicago for 2 yrs now and there are sooo many places and things I still want to do that I haven't done yet (I'm finally going to see a show at Annoyance theater this wknd!) that i need to do. Because of my eclectic style in...well everything I've been to some different kinds of place's so today I have a guide for you for every occasion & scenario.

1)You want a great casual brunch and you don't want to spend alot money or worry about parking try Bananas Foster. http://www.bananasfostercafe.com/ It's a cozy little spot with a very friendly waitstaff and the food is great.It is rather small but they have outdoor seating,its a really comfy homey kind of place.

2) You are pretty drunk, on your way home and you NEED food. CJ's is there for you.They don't have a website it seems but they don't need one. CJ's contains the greasiest most heart attack prone food you will ever eat. That's why you go when your drunk,don't do it when your sober you may never forgive yourself. I suggest the chicken philly,its like... chicken heaven,it is so good.Don't get the fries,er do. They're good but they are so greasy you could ring them out and fry a batch of catfish with the grease.Bible(yep I watch the Kardashians,shoot me!)

3)It's date night, you and your man/lady want to go somewhere nice w/out breaking the bank.You head to La Cantina in the south loop. http://www.lacantinagrill.com/ Parking isn't hard to find and they also have small outdoor seating. I suggest you order a pitcher of sangria,its the best and the food is amazing as well. The lighting is dim and its the perfect place for getting tipsy and making out.Hehe!

4) You have friends in town and you want to them to experience both a tourist & resident favorite. You go to Grand Luxe http://www.grandluxcafe.com/ I truly love this place. They only take reservations between a certain time and that can be really really annoying. When you go expect to wait at least 20 mins for 2 ppl. The portions are really rather large,so you get bang for your buck;also because it's owned by the Cheesecake factory the desserts are amazing.

This is my list,do you have anything to add? make sure you come back later this week for my new chicken chorizo burger!

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