Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Orange gingered chicken

From here on out I'd like to use the word wonton as a verb. Like this:Last night I wontoned some orange gingered chicken. Yes you read that right I gingered a chicken breast,what you got to say about that??

So this is a lil something I've never quit tried before so I searched recipes and i found this one on some website,I dont remember which one:

Orange ginger marinade: 1c orange juice,4tb honey,3 tb ginger& 1tb soy sauce. I did not like this recipe,unfortunately I didnt realize that till after I tasted it. Here's what it should have been:

My orange ginger marinade:3/4 c orange juice,3tbs honey,3tb ginger,1tb soy sauce & and a pinch of crushed red pepper. Thats that! I made this marinade and let the chicken breast sit in it for an hour,meanwhile I soaked my rice. Some ppl boil I soak(same w/my lasagna noodles)

After this sat for an hour I cooked on medium heat sprinkling a little salt on both sides.

1) Now I kinda wanted the pulled chicken look,so after about 10mins I turned it on low and put a top over it to let it simmer.

2)Then you have to keep pouring the leftover marinde in so that it gets tender enough to be pulled.I forgot to take a pic of the pulling process! Basically you take 2 forks and get to pullin

3)After i had done the pulling I drained the rice and mixed the meat & rice together.

Then its time to...well you already know,wonton them! I just lay some foil down on a baking sheet and spray it with butter. It's really important to not overload the wonton wrapper you dont want things falling out of it.

If I had cabbage last night I would've made asian slaw but alas I didn't. I made a salad with an zesty asian ginger dressing you can find here:

Here is my finished product..Now everything was yumness but if I could just figure out to stop the ends of the wrappers from becoming so hard after they're baked...

Always remeber to seal your wonton wrappers with a dab of water and bake seam down. I baked them on 400 for about 12 mins

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