Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Kitchen staples

Ok now this post is about what my personal kitchen staples are. You may find a few of these things odd,bordering on OCDish that's ok,I feel the same way. I'm just going to share a few of my staples with you and maybe you can tell me a few of yours!

1) Cilantro- my relationship with cilantro is real and its not a game.I use it in my scrambled eggs,salsa,pasta's the list could really go on. It's one of the reason's I've not had a roomate since freshman year. I don't want anyone taking the last of my cilantro and not telling me. That is unacceptable.

2)Cheese- You already knew! I like to have at least 3 different types of cheese in the house at ALL times.Currently I have,shredded yellow & white cheddar,mozzarella,parmesan and a block of romano.This blog is not big enough for me to tell you all the things I do with my cheeses.Ex. last night I cooked some eggplant,corn,peppers,onions & chicken chorizo all together,all together stirfry style. How'd I top it off?? parmesan!

3)Fruit- At least 2 types, currently mangoes and grapes. I love mangoes and yes I'm the girl who spends a silly amount of money to enjoy them when they're out of season.I like to dip them in vanilla yogurt.How do you eat yours?

4)Pasta- any kind,currently housing rigatoni,lasagna & shells. I know I'm trying to stop the pasta thing and honestly I've not had any pasta since maybe last week. It's still a staple though,there is soo much I can do with it.I have fotten really good lately at substituting it with eggplant or squash. Yay!

5) Ice cream- At least 1.75 qts. currently I have about half that amount plus 2 ice cream sandwiches. I really like ice cream sandwiches. I feel like if I have company I need to have a variety to offer them.
My list of insanities really could go much longer but because I'd like you to come back, I won't do that to you!

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