Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blogger meltdown,HELP!!

Ummm I'm a lil salty today and having a huge meltdown. I just deleted all of my "songs of the day", thats right everyone since December. I have no idea how I did it! Damn! If you know of anyway that I can get that info back please help me out. The actual gadget has not been deleted,just the info that was within it.I'm really bad with computers so if you know how to rescue me please throw me a line,thanx. We'll get back to our scheduled posts,when I'm back in my right mind.Damn!

....1.5 hours later...I've scoured the web,there is nothing I can do to restore the "songs of the day". I could have saved them before but I didn't know that,shit! Oh well guess I'll be starting new,please forgive me if I post a few songs that I've posted before. Also forgive my language,it's been pretty bad today I know.Oy vey!!

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