Monday, June 6, 2011

Tinys Lounge Chicago

Today's song of the day happens to be one I am working on in my voice lessons. I feel in love with this song a while back when it was on one of Michael Buble's albums. At that time I didn't know that it had originally been a Nina Simone song. Feeling good is the song,its featured on Jennifer Hudson's weight loss commericail. I think J-hud has an amazing voice but like her arrangement of that song.Here's my fav arrangement:

This wknd I went to one of my favorite little lounges. It's appropriately called Tiny's cause it is.You can check it out . It's a really adorable cozy place with great drinks and a relaxed atmosphere.Eash time I go I have something different and this time I ordered the empanada's they were as delicious as they well portioned.

They are served with a chimichurri,that is out of this world. If Tamar Braxton were here she'd say " Out od this". It was so good, my only complaint is that were not as cheesey as I'd like them. But I would totally order them again.

Now here's the best thing about Tiny's. The Pain Perdu.You will sacrifice your left pinky finger for this pain perdu (what has your pinky done for you lately anyway?) Pain Perdu is a way of life,its a religion,no I'm joking.

Seriously, I've been to Tinys 3 times and every single time I come, I must have pain perdu.It's the best take on banana's foster. It's served w/ a creme anglais, me and my friend we always split it cause there is nothing about this dessert thats good for you. Have you ever been somewhere and you were embarassed by the way you were whoffing down a certain dessert,but you kinda didn't care cause it was incredible??Yep that's me.I can't help it if I wanted to.If you are in Chicago please go,you won't regret it.

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