Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glenwood Farmers Market

Last week was the opening day of the Glenwood Farmers Market.It's a really small but widely diverse market,with a very cozy feeling.There were so many great things to see and I took so many pictures,I really suggest that if you live in the area...and if you dont;you should come visit. Every sunday from 8am-2pm on Glenwood & Morse.Did I tell ya'll how much I love Rogers Park??

I would have to say about 80% of the products were homemade,by local vendors and actually quite good for you. Here are a few of my personal highlights:
Yeah it's a bit more expensive than the grocery store but its local and fresh. Give you a real sense of community.

If there is soap rehab,sign me up now! I loove all different soap smells. My current soap is cinnamon and I just love all that you can do with soaps,this woman made all of hers by hand!And check out those shapes! She& her husband also made there own honey and she gave me this awesome handout about all the benefits of honey and cinnamon.

Yesss there was a cheese table and this was only half of it. I tried about 4 different cheese's and I really coulda stayed there longer,but of course it was one of the more crowded tables.

Now this woman made her own tea flavor's. The smell was heavenly,and she allowed me a sample. You might not know but tea is my coffee! I don't drink coffee at all but I'm having a cuppa as I type. I'm looking forward to buying some next week.

Lastly there were homemade donuts,whew the aroma was glorious and the taste was out of this world.Now this was certainly not good for me but I enjoyed them none the less.

Homemade batter and deep fried the old school way. One of the bakers explained to me that the deep fryer caused too much smoke and they were not allowed to bring it.Well didn't affect the taste.

Stay tuned this month, I'll be announcing a special give away towards my birthday.That right I"m giving you a gift for my birthday cause I really do appreciate your reading this and your comments! Not sure when my bday is? just check the bday countdown,top of the page,left side!

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