Friday, June 17, 2011

The tuna melt

Do ya'll remember the restaurant Bill Knapps? It was a nice family style,well priced hearty kinda place.After going thru a few changes they filed for bankruptcy and closed the doors in 2002. can't think if a tuna melt without thinking of Bill knapps;for this is where I had my very first tuna melt.It was 1997 and my brother had just started college at University of Michigan and we had all gone to get something to eat.As a child I wasn't allowed to order my own food,(go fuckin figure) so my parents had ordered a tuna melt for me. It was sooo amazingly wonderful! I'd had tuna on bread before but I'd never had a tuna melt...Anyway that brings me to my kicked up tuna melt,here's what you'll need:

1.4 or 5 sprigs of cilantro

2. 1 clove garlic

3.1.5 c of mayo

4.1/4th c sweet relish

5.salt & peppa to taste

6.Any bun or bread

7. white cheddar

8. few onion slices

9.2 dash's lime juice

10. 2 cans of 6oz of tuna

Alrighty the mayo is real simple. It's a cilantro lime mayo.Cut up this much cilantro

and the garlic mince it real well.Then to that add the relish,stir it abit. Add the mayo and 2 healthy dashes of lime just.You must mix it very well. Then add the tuna. Again mix that very well it will look like this:
Ok now take an onion and chop up about 8 small slices. Also slice up about 4 piece's of cheese. Now we are ready to assemble.

Slice the bun in half and begin to pack the tuna neatly on both sides of the bun, on top of that goes the onions,then the cheese.

This goes in the oven on 375 for about 10 mins. The bun will be crispy and the cheese melty.It looks like this

The onions add the really great crunch to the melt and the cilantro lime mayo is the only way to go when making a tuna melt...Yes I ate my melt with white zin,so you'd prolly do it to!

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