Monday, June 20, 2011

A birthday blog/My first give away!!

Yes guys I'm doing my very first giveaway,are you excited? My birthday is this friday so I figured it would be fun to have a giveaway in honor of my bday. I know you guys are sitting on the edge of your chairs wondering what the requirement is...its very simple,tell me what my fav food is?? The first person with the correct answer wins a gift card to Sur La Table.If you've read this blog at least 4 times you gotta know! Anyway I'll be announcing the winner on thursday.Oh and if your reading this and you know me personally,please don't answer the giveaway,thanx!

Today I've decided to do a post on one my fav birthdays thus far. The big 21. Did you bloggers & bloggettes know that I didn't start drinking untill I turned 21. Boy did I drink that night,whew!Anyway it was a great night,at midnight my brother who was 28 at the time picked me up and took me club hopping with a bunch of his friends. It was a complete blast,unfortunately I have no pics from that night as I was too busy chugging vodka and being the dancing queen,lol. What i do have are pics from my party the next day.Here's a blast from the past:
I had just gone to Meijers and bought alcohol for the very first time!! I still have that shirt just wore it saturday..urban 0utfitters=quality.

Ahhh the old apartment,getting libations for the nights festivities.

The evening started with dinner at Olive Garden,me and my cousin standing out front!

I have no idea what I was drinking but I was consuming massive amounts of it! If thats the champagne glass I think it is,I got them on sale at Pier 1 5 yrs ago. I have 20 of them...I needed for a party...they were $1.I have a kitchen addiction...Help!

I think was like the day befor or something. I just thought this is a great picture of my clavical area,hehe! Remember guys the last day to answer the giveaway question is thursday by 10am!

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