Monday, May 2, 2011

Potato salad,the healthy kind

I'm back guys. It has been an unbelievable looong week,yall have no idea. Anyhoo I'm here and I've got some good stuff to share with you!So potato salad (yea I know ur not supposed to start a sentence with "so"..oh well)I didn't grow up eating this very often. Sometimes my grandfather would make it and then there was this store called foodland...I wonder if its still open.Food land was your average grocery store with this awesome deli and bakery. As a child I would go in their with my grandfather alot and he would take a number and wait for our order to be ready. This was my time to gawk at the amazing cakes,all of the salads they had. I mean any salad you wanted was there,and the 3bean....damn,that may have been the best salad ever!

When I was about 10 my father bought a motor home and about a yr after my grandparents bought a trailer. There was the start of us spending weekends together camping. One of the things we did in preparation for the trip was going to food land to get like.. a bucket of potato salad. It was a huuuggge carton of it.With 4 childrean & 3 adults and all the guests we used to have,we needed it. So here is my rendition of potato salad,no mayo no eggs.

Here's what you'll need +dijon mustard

1) The potatoes will be peeled & cubed then boiled on high heat for about 15 mins.

2) 1 stick of celery and 2 grn onions are all I used,they are chopped,washed first!My celery literally looked like it had just been yanked out the ground,seriously.

3) As the potatoes are boiling I prepare the dressing;first about 1/4th a c of dijon( I coulda used more) 2 squirts of lemon juice,begin whisking that.Then add approx 1/4th of red wine vinegar(coulda used less of that) 1 pinch salt,1 pinch pepper and keep whisking. I really dont know how much dill I added...sorry. After you had the dill throw in the celery and onions.

4) After the potatoes have cooled coat them in the dressing.It should look a lil somethin like this:

How easy was that? healthy and it took all of 20 mins

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