Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ronald McDonald house

I have briefly mentioned that I am an event planner for an entertainment management company. The woman who has started this company is very passionate about us doing some type of outreach once a month,and yesterday we cooked dinner for the Ronald McDonald house. It was really alot of fun,its this beautiful huge house in Hyde Park and they are basically completely volunteer based. They really do alot for the families that come to stay with them,its quite awesome! We made taco's and spanish rice,I forgot to take pictures sorry. They have this hhuuuuuge kitchen w/4 stoves,2 dishwashers and 2 huge islands. I really wish I had taken pictures to show ya'll. It was really a great experience and we're looking forward to going back and doing some baking. I may even go on thanxgiving and make dinner. Here's a picture of me and a friend I made:

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