Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jaime Olivers Food Revolution

Todays song of the day is by Sarah Vaughan. I consider be the best jazz vocalist that ever lived. She had a voice that could just slide over a melody. I didn't actually get hop to her until college,knew who she was but I didn't begin listening to her until college. Ok, I kinda wanted to be her in college,anyway todays song is titled Little Man(You've had a busy day), your gonna like it:

Today I want to talk about Jamie Oliver and his food revolution,and I want to get some of your opinions so dont be afraid to write back,ok? Even if you disagree!

I for one really agree with everything that he is doing. I dont know if you watch the show,but here's a clip: .He's in Cali this season and he's trying he's best to change the lunches and the way the whole community thinks of food. Get this,the school system won't even let him in! You heard it right! He's also found a fast food joint(yep I called it a joint)that he's been trying to revolutionize,making healthier burgers,better smoothies,but it would cost more money for the ovner to but the materials. The owner is not willing to change because he knows hes clientele and is afraid he'd lose them. Jamie is really facing shut door after shut door. I noticed that the show hadn't been on for 2 weeks. I did some investigating and thats when I realized that ABC has temporarily axed due to poor ratings but that it will be back on (maybe) June 3rd @ 9pm....

June 3rd is a friday..9pm on a friday folks are out doing summer activities. My concern is that this is going to be swept under the rug. This issue and this show could be completely swept under the rug. Are we ok with that? Last year he did the show in Huntington VA,though it wasn't all roses it was a success. So whats going on in L.A that they dont want us to know about? Did you know that L.A is considered one of the fattese cities in the world. I was suprised, I thought they were all skinny,seriously.In reality I know there is nothing much that we can do about it but I guess I'm just a little dissapointed (more than a little) that this is happening. This show is neccessary,people need to be alerted about the dangers of processed food. People need to be aware of what their kids are eating in the school lunches. Since the show will be returning to such poor time slot, I doubt if it will be on for long, and I seriously doubt it will return for a third season. Not to worry,if your looking for something to watch Paris Hilton has a reality show airing on Oxygen. Ugh.

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