Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spaghetti Squash w/shrimp

I grew up eating spaghetti squash and probably haven't had any in about 7 yrs. So I'm getting back to my roots so to speak.i'm also trying to go easy on the carbs abd this is suppsed to be a good substitute. My father whom cooked the squash is a complete vegetarian so there was never any meat in our squash,so as the Neely's would say "I'm remixing it" of my fav things to do.

The recipe is uber simple. Here's what you'll need:

Ok,we've got a lil over a cup of shrimp,salt,olive oil, blackened seasoning,herbs,de provence,in the black ramekin, 3 cloves garlic,quarter cup of parmesan & a little less than quarter of a white onion & a handful of rosemary at bottom right.Of course the squash,after its been in the oven.

1. Wash the squash then grease a cookie sheet. Put the squash,squash side down on the sheet,turn the oven to 400 for about 20mins.

2. Chop up the onion,rosemary,and garlic, then grate the cheese. After this de-tail the shrimp.

3.Use enough olive oil to coat the pan,then a cap full and toss in the onion,rosemary, garlic and let them mingle for about 6 mins on medium heat. Be sure to watch it and stir,so the gaaahlic doesn't burn.

4) As this is happening you should be scraping the seeds out of the squash,then getting all of the yummy spaghetti wait I did this before I put the herbs in the pan,sorry!

5)Now that you've scraped all the lovely goodness out...hehe,set it aside and pour the shrimp in w/the herbs.
Yummness,sooo glad I brought some for lunch!

6) Season with a healthy pinch of blackened seasoning & herbs de provence. The salt goes in with the spaghetti squash. Go light on the salt because there's soduim in the blackened seasoning & parmesan. When its all finished it should look something like this.

Remember ya'll remixing a recipe is all about taking something you grew up with and & making it something healthy,that you'd want to eat !

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