Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Andiamos Riverfront

May 31st 2011: Today's song of the day is the obvious choice...summa summatime,finally.This song will forever go down as a classic. I mean my kids will know this song. Lemme tell ya'll how old I am...I remember watching the making of this video on Video Soul w/Donnie Simpson & Sherry Carter then watching the world premiere,whew,do ya'll even remember video soul?

This weekend I went to my fav restaurant in Detroit, Andiamos http://www.andiamoitalia.com/detroit/ . They have several locations throughout the suburbs surrounding Detroit. Riverfront is the best location in my opinion,because the main dining room looks out over the water,and there is so much to do in the area. Some ppl might complain about the pricing of the menu,but I think it's really quite reasonable,you get a large portion of food,enough to have leftovers like I did.

I had the Linguine Alla Capricciosa minus the italian sausage and the asparagus,eww! It was soo good and the mozzarella di bufalla,had the most complete flavor,ever.It was such a perfect complement to the spinach.

Yea its upside down,and I can't change it......... Me and my old companion Riesling!

I don't remember what my friend had; you can read his blog here www.thingsistumble.blogspot.com , he is a talented and innovative musician I went to high school with I do remember that it looked delicious and the bill was only $50.00.

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