Friday, May 27, 2011

Chicago is my kinda town/Hello Detroit

Did the title throw you,or am I the only person whom agonizes over what to title my blogs? Today I'm gonna take some of the things I love about chicago and compare them with Detroit & Lansing my second home (Sparty on!!!)

First & already know pizza.Pizza Papalis is Detroit's finest pie but I gotta tell you I prefer Gino's east. Just a personal thing, I dont know if its because theres more crust or I feel like Gino's has more filling..It's just something about Gino's.

2) Popcorn...Detroit popcorn company is ehhh .It'd just ok and I'm really not a big popcorn person.When I first moved to Chicago working in the loop I'd smell the fresh popcorn all the time;finally one day while walking with a co-worker I said " is there a cornbread factory down here,it smells soo good?" she laughed at me and told me it was Garretts popcorn. It is really great, I'll be picking up a bag tonite to smuggle into my 930 showing of The Hangover II.Whatever you do DO NOT GO ON THE WEEKENDS, you'll be in line for at least 1 hour.

3)Bar food,now this is more about Lansing than Detroit. Bar food in Lansing MI is awful. Upon occasion there are some(maybe 3) bars in lansing that are somewhat upscale and the food is actually tasty.For the most part that is not that case. Living in Lansing for 5 yrs and doing plenty of bar hopping I'd learned not to eat bar food.When I came here,I.was.amazed. Bar/lounge food in Chicago is amazing <--one of my fav's.Bar food here is such a pleasant surprise from what I'm used to.

4) Farmers Markets...Growing up there was a place called the Eastern market that my father dragged me to every saturday after violin lessons. It was an outdoor market spread out between 3 or 4 different shelters. . I hated it as much as I hate split pea soup,and I DESPISE split pea soup.It was cold and there was food smashed all over the was not clean. Now I was a finicky child,turned into a persnickety adult,I hate food on the ground and I hated having to dodge it constantly. Needless to say this left an awful taste in my for any outdoor market,you couldn't pay me to go. Until I met the Glenwood farmers mrkt ( I loove Rogers Park!). It's clean...sigh of relief, can get a little crowded but its completely worth the crowd. They have a really nice variety of things It's worth checking out if your going to be in the area.Don't miss me too much this wknd I'm going to my godson's baptism,but not to worry I'll be back with lots of great stuff!

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