Friday, May 13, 2011

stuffed,baked & wontoned!

Today's song of the day is for adults only,so if your under 18,skip right to the post,thanx(yeah right). The song is kissing you by Keith Washington;a native detroiter whom actually still resides there. This brother was fwone,ok! He was sex in a suit,damn! and this song was such a hit!! I was 5 at the very oldest when this song came out,I may have even been 4ish. But I've always had a great ear when it comes to music remembering lyrics,adlibs and such. I never will forget singing this song loud and proud one day at my grandparents house and my grandma saying "Girl what are you singing?" and I told her. Again I'm 4ish I have no idea this is an adult song. She says " who let you listen to that song ?" I told her my dad.Of course when he came to pick us up she had a looong very adamant talk w/me and him about why this song was inappropriate for me to be listening to,LOL. Silly lil me,anyhoo here it is:

Last night I wontoned for the first time. Not as intimidating as I thought it would be,they were a tad crispier than I had intended.. they stayed in the oven for to long.Here's what you need

The corn was frozen, I just thawed it in warm water then drained it.

1)I used 2 catfish fillets, I fried on medium with a table spn of butter and enough olive oil to coat.

Sprinkle a sm pinch of salt & garlic pepper, then approx. 1 teaspn of cayenne pepper & chili flakes.

2)Flip the fish after only 6-8 mins.These cook fast,at this point you pour the corn into the pan,and season this side. As these cook takes this time to grate 3/4 c of parmesan.

3) At this point it should be done cooking you then take it shred the fish and mix the corn & cheese.

From here you just start stuffing the wonton wrappers,which are sensitive to air, cover the ones you aren't usung w/a damp towel. I also used a little room temp to help me seal the wrappers. I did a few different shapes but next time I want to be more experimental. Here's what they looked like going in the oven on 400 for about 15mins:
They were the perfect combo of spice and crunch,I have sooo many wonton wrappers leftover,what to do??

I served it with spinach,but hell I just stuffed a wonton w/catfish..anything goes!!

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