Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cupcaking w/cakewalk Chicago!

I'm a bug yelper not only do I review places I'm always on there looking for something fun to do! I was blessed to find a free cupcake decorating class at,here the link:
Cakewalk Chicago -- Baking Supply Store featuring Pastry, Cookie, Candy and Cake Making Supplies in Chicago

Guess what it was free!! Yes it's waaayyy on the southside so it took me 45 mins to get there but I can't wait to get back. Lori the owner is really great,she taught us some really cool tips on how to work with fondant,how to get the swirl on your cupcake just right. It was a really lovely class;when we got there we all got cupcakes,6 chocolate,6 vanilla all we had to do was decorate. She has an amazing store with lots of cool stuff in it and all the prices are all so reasonable. My birthday is next month and I plan on going back to her shop to get everything I need to make my own cake. Now the moment you have all been waiting lovely cupcakes

So how did I do? I just looove cupcaking!

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