Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crate & Barrel =Heaven!

Crate & Barrel emails me like 3 times a day! I shit you not, I think its the devil trying to get me to spend I should be saving,but its sooo hard. i have gotten really good at seeing the email and not even opening it,just deleting it,straight away. Then I have those times where I want to see what they have...So here I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite crate & barreled things!

1)There are sooo many things I could do with this. I think about scalloped potatoes,egg plant parmesan,pear tartes,the list really could go on & on!

2) I dont remember the last time I bought new knives...I think it was about 2 yrs ago and they were from Marshalls. They're good knives but I never had a pair of really great knives.I must say I am a pretty good knife picker because that set I bought befor that;I got from a shop in South Carolina about 6 yrs ago and they are still going stroing. Seriously tho,its time for a new set!

3) This is how I know that I have a problem,I dont know why I want these. I don't remember when's the last time I had 12 ppl in my house eating dessert at the same time.Yer and still I want these sooo bad. They would be so hott and my next dinner party. Oh yea and I have absolutely no room for them.None.Zip.Zero.

4) Honesly I really do need this,like seriously. I have 2 pitchers one is yellow(perfect for an outdoor event) and the other is plastic and clear with one of my college apartments logo on it(perfect for a college study whom hasn't quite discovered their kitchen style) This pitcher says "I have discovered my style and its timeless,chic and not overdone" Thats me and thats why I need this!Ooohhh I know a diva who has a birthday next month....I think I already know what I'm getting me!

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