Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

This morning Jesus took my grandfather back to glory with him.If you read this blog at all (thank you,hehe) you would know that my grandfather or pop-pop as we called him was one of my biggest inspirations in cooking. That's why its important to me and therapeutic that I do this post in honor of him. I used to love being able to call him and say "Pop-pop guess what I made today" . He really loved to hear about all my food trials and triumphs.

He had been in about 3 different hospitals since December and he had a few health problems so his passing comes as now surprise to me.Anyhoo enough about the sad stuff, I wanna talk about some of the things I love about him:

1)He had been on oxygen for about 10yrs now, he & my grandmother still managed to come to all high school concerts,graduation and alll of that good stuff,nothing got in their way.
2) I didn't grow up going to church regularly,so I looked forward to easter sunday w/my grandparents. Getting up early,taking our dish to church for the breakfast after sermon. When we were little they would make an easter egg hunt just for us,it was such fun!
3) I was 18 yrs old in my very first apartment when I made my very own cake from scratch. That night I must have called him at least 5 times that night and he literally walked me thru that cake,and it was pure yumness!
4)The way that he laughed at me the very first time I'd made a corninsh hen and I'd told him I had washed it with soap & water. He and my grandma got a kick outta that.
5) When I switched my major in college and everybody just about hated me for it he said and I'll paraphrase cause this was a while ago " It doesn't matter what you do,I just want you to be happy and like what you do. He asked me was I happy and I said yes,he said "then thats what matters."

I am really gonna miss,never being able to bounce recipes off of him...but he didn't suffer and for that I'm grateful. I am so happy I was able to see him the last time I went home he will rest in peace. If I don't blog for a while please don't be concerned we should be back to our regularly scheduled program soon.

Good bye pop-pop, I miss you already and I'll always love you!

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