Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Potato cupcakes

Well just like the White Winged Dovehere I am made it thru my busy weekend. You know I've always like Stevie Nicks and this song goes thru so many different transitions. There are alot of stories folded into this tune. Ya'll know I'm a big fan of songs that tell stories.

I recently stumbled upon a great lil recipe for sweet potato cupcakes,and I had to try it.This
recipe is very simple. I had never even heard of, had you? The only thing I changed was the frosting. I didn't use cream cheese because I could not find it.I used Betty Crockers vanilla and added brown sugar and all spice to it. It piped up very well!! I am kinda busy today and I gotta blow out of here so I'm just going to post the final product....and I think I might make this for my bday.

Awww so cute! So yummy. These is gonna be my new go to cupcake.

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