Thursday, May 3, 2012

Risque Cafe Review

I've been hearing this catchy lil ditty, Somebody that I used to know
it's a rather interesting song, and it's one that you find yourself singing hours later. The video is...something new, creative and funky, watch it.

A few weeks ago I bought a groupon for a sweet lil place I'd never been to called Risque Cafe , very cute spot. I had the buffalo chicken sandwich and it was out of sight!  

 Aren't the menus adorable? and that sandwich, whew and they had 3 different types of bbq sauce, which my fries wound up swimming in! I even had a delicious vodka lemonade and a large order of mac n'cheese to go;and still only went a $1 over my groupon value!

The remains. Man this place is a nice little gem centered in the lakeview area. Now I have a spot to go to when I'm around lakeview and it's late, I'm going for another blackened chicken burger,and I.can't.wait.

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