Friday, April 27, 2012

Breakfast week conclusion!( my spin on a cheesecake factory meal)

This song has been in my head for a few days, I think maybe because I caught the tail end of it a while ago. Cruel Summer by Ace Of Bass is just one of those relatable songs that I especially like because it sounds like it should've come out in the 80's. Yeaaa I love the 80's.

This will be the conclusion if breakfast week. I was at the Cheesecake factory on easter and I tried something new and delicious. It's called the Baja Chicken Hash. I liked it so much I created my own remixed my own a few days later.Here's what you'll need:

You'll need on idaho potato, but for reasons un-beknowst to me, its not pictured.

1) Dice the potato put into a microwave safe bowl cover with water and micro for 2 mins.
2)Fry the tortilla on med heat then drain on a paper towel.

3) At this point begin to cook the potatoes,on low heat,season with cayenne pepper,after they have begun to brown throw in the bacon and onions.
4) Now start poaching the eggs.I like my eggs poached hard! throw the broccoli into the pan and season with garlic pepper.
5. Once everything is cooked sprinkle on the chihuahua and asiago cheese's. Then place the eggs on top and season with salt and basil.

The fried tortilla goes  down first, then load everything else upon it. It was so good. This type of thing is one of my favorite things to do; find something you really like and remix it. Now I'm off to a busy weekend. I'm donating to the world hunger bake sale and I'm catering a gallery event tomorrow. See ya next week!

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