Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lemon Poppy seed Shortbread

Ok I have to preach to ya'll about today's song. So take a seat and grab a fan.I'm a big Frankie Beverly Maze fan I've been to their concerts and they rocked my sox!! I have always loved their song Golden Time of day
tho I've never really understood it until now. Let me tell you I am completely enjoying my golden time of day. It doesn't mean that everything in life is perfect; it means that you have come to a place of peace and happiness with who you are. You know that God has big plans for you, you've realized that rushing is pointless. God has created this path for you, enjoy it and enjoy your golden time of day.

I was flipping thru a better Homes & Gardens cookbook that I've had for years and saw a really simple recipe for Lemon poppy seed shortbread, I just had to make it. It was really crumbley when I went to cut it out to bake, is it supposed to be like that? Regardless it was additively delish. Here's what you'll need:

It's a very straightforward recipe:
1 1/4 th c all purpose flour
3 tblspns granulated sugar
1/2 c butter
1 tblspn poppy seeds
1 tspn lemon peel
Now let the shortbread games begin!

1. Combine flour, sugar and poppy seeds. Add the lemon zest to the butter, and cut butter into flout mixture.

2.Continue to cut until all is combined. Ok this is where things started to get crumbley. I had to smash the dough together with a spoon to get it all together so I could cut it into stars.

Yes thats what I wound up with. Literally I smashed all together with a spoon and thats exactly how it came "together" hehe. 
Bake on 325 for 15 mins and you get these

From that one batch I believe I got about 14 stars but it really just depends on how you cut them.

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