Saturday, March 31, 2012

Banana Bread

Babay Come to Me exemplifies good music when music was good. Whatever happened to those days. Regina Belle is one artist who never really got her comeuppance. This woman had a huge and melodic voice and awesome music, and she knows how to put her soul into everything she sings.

As yall probably have gathered I made banana bread this week for the first time!! I bought some bananas and I'll be doggone if they don't brown & bruise super fast so I figured I'd just make some banana bread, and it was pretty darn goood.
Here is the recipe I used but with these substitutes:
1c of vanilla yogurt instead of sour cream
1/2c of oates instead of nuts.
Also I smashed my bananas partially before putting them in the batter

The recipe was pretty straight forward and didn't take to long to make

I actually should have put more oates in the bread because you can't see them at all you could barely taste them. So go ahead and throw in a cup of oates!

The bread kinda fell after it came out the oven,LOL. Is that supposed to happen it kinda disappointed me, but it is really rather tasty!

Be sure to come back next week to read all about an easy yet scrumptious lunch I prepared for a friend!

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