Friday, March 16, 2012

Kitchen Dreams

I have loved this song since the very first time I heard it. Summergirls by LFO was an instant sensation! Everybody loooved it,this is the makes Have you ever really listened to it?? It's a series of words that match the sequence of words before them, LOL. It's kinda random but it's a great song. The blond who did all the rapping died about a year ago from lukemia so RIP to him,but this song will live on forever!

Today my lovelies we will explore my kitchen dreams....are u scared? No don't be, these aren't the dreams where I'm making out with Blair Underwood and Jamie Foxx is feeding me ice cream...TMI sorry.
These dreams are the appliances dreams, things I want but don't really need;if I had them I'd use the hell out of them,so here we go!!

1) I am very big on gourmet sandwiches, and I love the way the ridge marks look on the bread. If I had a panini press I'd use it at least once a week

2) I live in an apartment I don't own, so I don't have the option of a double oven. Boy oh boy, what I could do with one.... Oh I also want those floors and granite counter top.

3)I NEED an indoor grill,I've got to have it for salmon,chicken,corn....a kitchen ain't a kitchen without it.

4) This would soooo come in handy when I'm making salsa's and sauces. Normally I use the chop button on my blender but a food processor would really be key.

So now that you've had a peek into my dreams, of your feeling generous,hehe I'll be happy to send you my address and you can send me some of my dreams,LOL. Tell me some of your kitchen dreams!

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