Thursday, March 22, 2012

My 30 minute meals

I cried for you the Sarah Vaughan & Count Basie rendition is just the best! These two were truly a match made in heaven,everything they did was like magic and this tune is no exception. Listen to the way Sarah is always constantly behind the beat but never off rhythm... this is why she's my favorite!

Today I'd like to share with you a few of my 30 minute meals. You know fast that that doesn't require alot of time. I realize that a lot the recipes I create are somewhat labor intensive and require a fair amount of chopping,marinating or prepping so today I thought up some of my favorite quick meals!

1)Chicken breast sandwich-Most of us always have chicken breasts lying around. It's a great source of protein and doesn't take long to cook.
How to- pound the breast out to about an inch thick season w/whatever you'd like. I use olive oil,salt,pepper & chili powder, cook it over medium heat about 8 mins in each side. Grab your desired bun and slice of cheese and dinners ready!

2)Sausage and rice- this comes from my grandparents who used to put leftover hot dogs and chicken sausage in our rice.
How to- Boil rice as usual then saute it on medium heat w/ the sausage and your choice of spices. I believe that takes less than 30 mins.

3)Frozen pasta dinner- Have you ever boiled too much pasta and made too much sauce? Yes I have. Freeze it, it's like your own little stouffers or lean cuisine meal.
How to-Defrost the meal for about 2.5 mins then take out and stir. Put the pasta back in for another 2.5 mins when it comes out sprinkle some basil and cheese on top, voila!

4)Red cabbage salad- This wknd I bought a whole head of cabbage for one lonely po'boy and I have so much left after boiling down some of it I still had half a head left, salad time!
How to-whisk together:olive oil,red wine vinegar,salt,blk pepper& onion powder. Toss the cabbage around in it,salad is served!

That's that, these are my in a rush meals that I should probably cook more often. Is it only me or sometimes is it just relaxing to chop and peel stuff? Only me? yea that's what I thought!

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