Monday, March 5, 2012


I was browsing thru a music store a week ago and I stumbled upon sheet music to Change the World by Eric Clapton. I was sooo geeked because I have always loved this song,and now I finally get to sing it! Yay!

Are you wondering what an eggchilada is? You've probably already guessed it, its a breakfast enchilada with eggs. I had some lovely salsa left over and I was feeling rather experimental with breakfast. I had been having a taste for enchiladas lately but that enchilada sauce has way to much sodium in it. Soooo I thunk up these eggchiladas. Here is what you'll need:

You will also need 4 tortillas, up top from L-R we have:1/2 c of onions,1/4 c bell peppers,3 slices turkey bacon,handful of cilantro,1/2 c of cheddar & mozzarella cheeses.

1)After everything is good and chopped,get a saute pan on medium heat and pour enough olive oil to coat. Begin to brown the peppers and onions,after their color begins to brown throw in the bacon.

2) Now let that do what it do, but don't let it stick! Take 3 quarters of the cilantro and put it into a bowl. Crack all three eggs on top of that,season with salt & pepper. Get a smidge of butter and put it in the pan,pour in the eggs and begin to scramble.

3) Now its time to eggchilada! Simply get the tortilla,spoon in some of the egg mixture then cheddar cheese,lastly some salsa.

4) Turn the oven on to 375. Wrap the tortilla seam side down,put some mozzarella on top a little more salsa and the remainder of the cilantro. Into the oven they go,but only for about 10 mins.

There they go,eggchiladas! Yummy and very filling.

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