Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wintery Crock pot meals!

Well I don't know what this song is about and I don't know what Oye Como Va means but I have always loved the song,and Santana. Oh wait...I just looked it up on line,I think it means listen to my rhythm,or something.

I was wandering online looking at crock pot recipes,because I'd like to used mine more often. I found some really great things and I thought I'd share them with ya'll:

1)This just amazed me, I didn't know you could make lasagna in a slow cooker! Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Lasagna | Eating Well
2) I am always looking for a dish that could be a man meal as well as a snack later.  
Wine & Tomato Braised Chicken | Eating Well
3) This I found on a blog and tho I am not a big fan of chili it still looks pretty good.
  Crockpot Southwestern Turkey Chili | Busy Mommy: An Iowa Mom Blog

4) We know I'm a huge fan of slow cooker sauce and this looks irresistble
 BHG's Newest Recipes:Big-Batch Puttanesca Sauce Recipe

5)Again I am not a fan of stews,soups,broths or chili's, but this I might try
 BHG's Newest Recipes:French Chicken Stew Recipe

6) I looove me some chicken curry,especially when it's done with just the right amount of ginger and coconut powder,whew good stuff!
 Chicken Curry Recipe

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