Wednesday, February 22, 2012

V-day Dinner Pt.3

I've got some more Marvin Gaye for ya'll because I know you are craving it. Please stay is waaaay to short for its own good,but it's got this funky yet sensual  beat to it. It's an amazing groove that only Marvin could create, I just love it. It's not one of his more known songs but it should be.

Today is the last installment of my valentines day,so today we talk about meat,so without further adieu....

Here is what you'll need for the salmon:

Get a bowl with a lid thats big enough for 2 small pcs of salmon. I like to save the take out containers from Noodles & Co. but to each his  and her own.
1)Whisk together 3/4 of a cup of olive oil,2 splashes lemon juice,1.5 tblspns dill,salt & pepper to taste. Whisk very well,and let it marinate over night. If you don't have the much time 6 hrs will do.

2) Bake the salmon on 375 for 25 mins, it doesn't take long to cook at all.

When its done it will look like this:

The lemon wedges are optional but aren't they cute? 

Now for the chicken, did ya'll know it is possible to cook a full chicken in the crock pot?? It will cook in its own juices,and it was so tender and delicious!
Here's what you'll need:
Olive oil- to coat crock pot
1/4  of a white onion
1 jar of green olives
1) The first thing you must do is rinse the chicken in warm water and be sure to pat dry thoroughly.
2) Let the chicken sit on a dry cloth towel as you wash your hands,chop the onion and turn the crock pot on low.
3) Go ahead and pour enough olive oil to coat in the bottom the the pot,then in  go the onions

4) Rub the chick all over with olive oil then begin to sprinkle salt,pepper and paprika all over the bird. Be easy on the salt because remember you'll  be pouring in a jar of olives soon. Put the bird in the pot and pour olives over it.

I cooked the chicken for 4 hrs and it was perfectly cooked and how so tender!

You can really taste that olive flavor,but its not over powering. There was enough of the chickens juices in the crock pot to make gravy with, I didn't but you could! This chicken tasted great on a few sandwiches,and even heating it up and eating it alone!


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